Want to see our spinnable/feltable wool in your local yarn shop? Ask them to start carrying our line of roving, along with spinnable batts, prefelts, and dyed silk.

Starting 03/2020, we will process fleeces (cleaning and carding) for local owners. This limited operation
will be expanded if all goes well. Please see our Order page for more information.

Want to learn to spin? You can learn on a traditional wheel, or on your own Electric Eel Nano. We have them in stock. Rent a Nano, learn to spin on it,
and buy it if you like it. Classes are at your convenience (your home or my workshop), $20/hr. New spinners get their first ounce of wool for FREE.

Look for us at Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon, 26--28 June. [Sorry, Camp Burton/Vashon Island at the NwRSA Retreat, 20--22 March, was just cancelled.]

Instagram: pnwwool

clean fleece for carding

Nano electric spinner

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