Our colors are all custom mixes. Please enquire as to the colors on hand.

We mostly use primary colors, with several other dyes that enhance the final result. This means that every color can be carded with others on the list, or spun and plied with each other, or used together in a woven fabric.

Our Pantone® Autumn/Winter 2019 compatible colors are CMYK mixes to ensure they are repeatable. Some variation of hand-dyed fiber should be expected.

Although we carefully measure and mix each color for consistency, the dyeing and carding processes introduce variations in output. A 6-ounce package purchased now may not have the same color distribution as a similar 6-ounce package purchased later.

We occasionally add dyed silk or Firestar (nylon) to the wool as it gets carded. The silk or nylon is dyed in the same vat as the wool it is carded with. Due to our unique mixing method, it will exhibit highlights or component colors in some areas. Most of the additives are invisible, except for the luster and incredible hand of the finished roving.

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