Wholesale, How to Order:

For first-time wholesale orders, please email or call. We will contact you with the total cost, including shipping. Full payment is required before shipping. After your third order within five months, we will extend NET30 terms.

Please provide a copy of your retail tax certificate on your first order. Currently, we accept only checks. As we develop our business, we will acept other forms of payment.

There are no minmum order requirements.


Cleaning and Carding Fleeces

Pacific NW Wool is offering services to current Spindrifters Spinning Guild members. This is a trial period; if all goes well, we will open our doors to other fleece owners.

Our carding mill is an American-made antique: a 1922 Davis and Furber machine made in Massachusetts. We typically card Targhee/Merino blends, but have handled wool from lamb fleece to 8” staples without damage. Because the card is set for our standard wool, we can't accept wool with a longer staple length. We are not offering alpaca/llama/exotics processing at this time.

Fleeces must be dropped off for inspection before work can begin. We will determine soundness, weight, and owner's instructions. Fleeces may be rejected for any reason. All fiber must be well-skirted (even for cleaning), and as free of chaff as you are willing to accept in return (chaff in/chaff out; the card does not remove much of it).

 Only clean fleeces can be carded at our facility. You can bring a clean fleece, or have us clean it prior to carding. Each fleece will be carded separately, unless the owner submits more than one and wants them combined. We can add silk or Firestar, etc, on a case-by-case basis.

We can also dye your fleece. This will be done once it's clean, but before carding. We don't stir the dye pot once it's hot, so color may be uneven within the dyed batch. Wool characteristics can affect dye take-up as well. Carding after dyeing will provide an evenly-colored product. Prices negotiated at time of order.

You can select roving in ball form, or made into a giant batt. We can't split loads for separate treatment unless you have several fleeces.

Experience has shown we lose at least 2 ounces of fiber as waste (not recoverable, it winds up under the card). For this reason, we must have carding loads of 3 pounds or more at a time for each operation. Off-cuts, beginning/end of the run will be bagged separately and returned to the owner. Each run of the mill has a waste factor at the beginning and end: uneven carding/color/texture. Makes for good spinning,  just not the same consistency as the bulk of the output.

Wash - $7.50/lb pre-wash weight
Card - $7.50/lb dry or post-wash weight
Blending – $2/lb and price/pound of blended fiber
* Your wool, no additional cost (do this to blend to a grey, or add a natural color stripe)
* PNWW Targhee/Merino, $20/lb added dry weight
* Firestar, $12/lb added dry weight
* Other fiber (silk, camelid), inquire at time of fleece drop off.

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