Our products are designed to reach fiber artists, especially spinners and felters. We specialize in hand-dyed roving, mixed-color batts, and felt sheets.

The wool is 24 micron or better; it is not breed specific. When we are asked, "But what kind of wool is it?", our answer is "Soft."

Starting in 2019, we offer Pantone-compatible colors. We have created close matches to several of the 2019 Autumn/Winter colors:
Biking Red
Rocky Road
Sugar Almond
Galaxy Blue

The compatible colors are designed to complement the actual Pantone colors, not duplicate them. Each color is a slightly darker or lighter version of the trademark color.

Special blends (such as school or team colors) are available upon request. We can add up to 10% silk or Firestar, dyed to match the wool. Experimental colors are sold as special-edition batches, and may not be repeatable.

Needle-felted large batts are about 14 oz, 32"W x 86"L. They have made 2 passes through the needle felter, so they can be split into thinner sheets, used as prefelts, or wet felted. They are not suitable for spinning.

Needle-felted small batts are of various sizes and offered at special events.

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